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Přirozenost utrpení a utrpení přirozenosti

SLOWÍK, J. Přirozenost utrpení a utrpení přirozenosti. Prométheus, 2008, roč. 2008, č. 29, s. 16-23. ISSN: 1211-8400
Jazyk publikace: cze
Anglický název: Nature of suffering and suffering of nature
Rok vydání: 2008
Autoři: PhDr. Josef Slowík Ph.D.
Abstrakt EN: The article talks about suffering as the anavodiable part of human existence. Autor offers a reflection of this phenomenon in more views, such as psychological (do we struggle with suffering, or is suffering the struggle??), sociological (who doesn?t suffer with us, he may suffer ?among us? ? it is the diference to suffer alone or with other people) and pedagogical (the suffering is ?sister? of wisdom ? it can be an irreplaceable opportinuty for everybody to learn and grow?). Although we can hardly accept it and hardly can understand it, the suffering remains a natural part of human life ? a part, that we are refusing, but that we cannot really imagine our life without. A human being is equipped to cope with suffering ? suffering, that is closely connected to hope. And the suffering is not such important as what advantage we do take of it.
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