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Mgr. Gabriela Klečková, Ph.D.


      E-mail: gkleckov@kan.zcu.cz    
: CH 106 (Chodské nám. 1 , Plzeň )
      Phone: 377 636 100


Gabriela Kleckova, Chair of the Department of English, is a university professor, language teacher, teacher trainer, researcher, consultant, and materials developer. She started her professional career as a lower secondary school English teacher after receiving a master’s degree in education in the teaching of English as a foreign language in the Czech Republic. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in English with a concentration in Applied Linguistics from The University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, USA. She has taught a wide range of general English courses and ESOL professional courses for pre-service and in-service teachers of various cultural and language backgrounds. Her main research interest is the effectiveness and utility of visual design of ELT materials. She is also interested in materials development, content and language integrated learning (CLIL), and teacher education. Gabriela Kleckova is a past member of the TESOL Board of Directors (2012-2015).

Selected publications:

  • Jones, T.R. & Kleckova, G. (2013). How would a document designer create classroom materials? In C. Stillwell (Ed.),Language teaching insights from other fields: Sports, arts, design and more. Alexandria, VA: TESOL Inc.
  • McCloskey, M.L., Stack, L., Orr, J., & Kleckova, G. (2012). American themes: Literature for adolescent learners of English. Washington, DC: US Department of State.
  • Kleckova, G. (2013). Bringing Technology to Real Life. In R. Place & O. F. Vicente (Eds.), Teaching with technology and the human touch. TESOL-SPAIN Convention Proceedings. Seville, Spain.
  • Kleckova, G. (2012). Kompetence učitele vedoucí k úspěšné realizaci metody CLIL [Teacher competences leading to the successful implementation of CLIL]. In CLIL – Nová Výzva [CLIL: New call]. Kralova, Z. (ed.) Czech Republic: Univerzita J. E. Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem.
  • Jones, T. R. & Kleckova, G. (2009). Unlocking the visual puzzle: Understanding textbook design. In L. Savova (Ed.), Effective use of textbooks. Alexandria, VA: TESOL Inc.