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Undergraduate Thesis

You need to take the following steps to register your thesis topic:

  • Students explore the topics and identify one (or more) that interest/s them.
  • Students conduct very preliminary research on the topic/s on the internet/in the library.
  • Students narrow their topic/s by thinking about some specific research questions.
  • Students write their thesis proposals of 250 – 300 words and an annotated bibliography (5-10 items). Learn about writing proposals online.
  • Students submit their printed proposals with their contact information to the potential thesis supervisor/s.
  • Supervisors review proposals. Supervisors approve or do not approve topics according to the quality of the proposal and bibliography. Students are informed about the review process.
  • Those whose topics have been approved can complete and submit the thesis registration form.  Those whose topics have not been approved are required to do one of the following, based on the supervisor's suggestions:
    • revise the proposals and bibliographies and resubmit them to the same supervisor.
    • identify another area of research, write a new proposal and annotated bibliography, and submit these to a new supervisor (the topics still available after the first round of reviews will be announced).
  • Students submit the topic registration forms.

Go to the English Department Writing Guide on Moodle (login as a guest) to learn more about writing a thesis.  

Information concerning undergraduate topics for the academic year 2018/2019 is available here