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Undergraduate Programme State Final Exams

NEW Program:

Specific information about the new format and content of the exams for students (enrolled in 2016/2017) is available here
Reading texts for the exam are available here.

OLD Program:
Written Exam: Listening & Reading (Level C1)

This part is a 90-120 minute written exam focusing on comprehension of written and spoken discourse.

  • Listening - In this section, you complete 4 listening tasks around 4 listening extracts. You can expect to find short answer tasks, T/F tasks, multiple choice tasks and other common listening comprehension tasks.
  • Reading- In this section, you read 4 texts (e.g. newspaper/magazine articles) on a general topic and complete comprehension check tasks. The specific tasks correspond with common reading comprehension tasks.

Oral exam: Speaking, Linguistics, Literature

The oral state finals reflects the content course work of the undergraduate program. Students are to show knowledge and skills associated with linguistics (grammar, lexicology, phonetics and phonology) and British and American literature. They also show their oral proficiency skills.  During the exam, students demonstrate their speaking skills by addressing a speaking task (7 minutes), explain and discuss selected literary works (15 minutes) as well as identify and describe selected grammatical, lexical, phonological items in a text (7 minutes). Information about the content of the exam is available here.


Graduate Programme State Final Exams

Specific information about the format and content of the exams is available here.
Reading texts for the exam are available here.