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History of our Faculty

The Pedagogical Faculty in Pilsen was established as a branch of the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague. It was solemnly opened on 14 November 1948. It was given a building of a former female teaching institute in Pilsen in Americká (formerly Stalin) Street. The second academic year started on 1 October 1949 in the newly allocated building of the former girls' grammar school in Veleslavínova Street (the building dates from 1865 ; it was built by civil engineer V áclav Daniel according to the design of architect Maurice Hinträger). This building has housed part of the Faculty until now.

In the academic year 1950/51, the first departments were established by the Ministry of Education: Natural Sciences (chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics), philology (Czech, Russian), education (art and music), history-geography and pedagogy.

In 1953,  a school reform was made, under which the Faculty was transformed into a two-year Higher School of Education.

On 1 April 1956, the central library of the school was established.

By a government decree in 1964, the Higher School of Education became an independent Faculty of Education in Pilsen with the status of a university college.

In 1990, the Faculty of Education became part of the newly created University of West Bohemia, which was created from the former College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Education in Pilsen.