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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Education is part of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

  • It provides Bachelor, Master, follow-up Master and doctoral study programs of different types, above all programs leading to a teaching qualification.
  • It develops a wide range of programs as part of Lifelong Learning, particularly those aimed at continuous teacher training.
  • It prepares young people for employment and focuses on their positive orientation to the labour market and life in society.
  • It increases cooperation with schools and graduates from the Faculty.
  • It supports research and development activities.
  • It orients students and teachers toward international cooperation, in particular within the EU.
  • It implements educational, scientific and other cooperation in the framework of UWB with other entities in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Address: Fakulta pedagogická
Veleslavínova 42
306 14 Plzeň
E-mail: fpe@fpe.zcu.cz
website: http://www.zcu.cz/fpe



VC 319, Veleslavínova 42, Plzeň


Jitka Lavičková

telephone 377 636 005