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Mgr. Danuše Hurtová

     E-mail: hurtova@kan.zcu.cz
     Room: CH 106 (Chodské nám. 1 , Plzeň )
     Phone: 37763 6108


Dana Hurtová started her teaching career in 1976 after studying Primary Education and Arts at Faculty of Education in Plzeň. Having finished her studies of English Language and English Literature at the University of West Bohemia in 1993, she has been teaching there at the English Department (ELT Methodology courses). Since 1994 she has been working as a teacher trainer, getting the qualification at a course organized by the British Council in Cardiff, Great Britain. In 1995 she successfully completed mentor training organized by Leicester University and in 1998 became an ELT mentor trainer and ELT trainer trainer. Her interest is teaching English to young learners. In addition to co-ordinating several national projects in the area of life-long education of primary and pre-school teachers, in years 2004-2006 she designed and in co-operation with Oxford University Press ran a series of courses for primary teachers of English, “Oxford Primary Teachers’ Academy“, for which she has received European Language Label in September 2006. She started organizing the Ideas that Work annual conference for teachers of English in 1997 and has been a member of the organizing committee since. Since 1998 she has been closely co-operating with Oxford University Press. She has been a research editor and in 2008 she received a trainer certificate from Oxford University Department of Continuing Education. She has been involved in designing new Czech market specific English course books (mainly primary) by Oxford University Press. She for example does research at Czech schools in order to specify Czech learners’ and teachers’ needs, provides consultancy to the authors, reviews new materials, arranges their piloting in schools, makes adoptions, translates the wordlists and teachers’ books.

In the English Department she co-ordinates the Erasmus students study stays abroad. Currently she is a contact person for the following institutions: Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg, Universidad de Zaragoza, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, College of Foreign Languages in Czestochowa, Plymouth University a Žilinská univerzita v Žilině. Many Czech students go to study abroad every year and we accept foreign students mainly from Zaragoza, Athens and Lisbon. The most fruitful co-operation is with Plymouth University (Faculty of Arts, Institute of Education). Since 2007 groups of English students and their lecturers have been visiting our department, primary schools and we compare our education systems.

Participated in the development of these materials in the Czech Republic:  

  • Happy Street 1, 2 3rd edition Teacher’s Book, OUP, 2013
  • Happy House 1, 2 3rd edition Teacher’s Book, OUP, 2013
  • Playtime Starter, A, B, OUP, 2011
  • Author: Tune in to Happy English_introductory course for beginners (grade 3), OUP, 2010
  • Happy Street 1, 2 new edition Teacher’s Book, OUP, 2009
  • Happy House 1, 2 new edition Teacher’s Book, OUP, 2009
  • New Chatterbox Starter, 1, 2, OUP, 2007
  • Cookie and Friends Starter, A, B,  OUP. 2007
  • Co-author: Hurtová, D. Strnadová, I. a M. Šigutová. Anglický NÁPADníček. OUP. 2006
  • Editor of the Czech translation of Slattery, M. and J.Willis. English for Primary Teachers. OUP. 2006
  • Happy House 1, 2, Oxford University Press, 2005
  • Chit Chat 1, 2 - Deníček (language portfolio – helping children to become aware of different learning strategies and helping them with their first steps of self-assessment, Oxford University Press, 2005
  • Chit Chat 1, 2, Oxford University Press, 2003
  • Zig Zag Island, Oxford University Press, 2002