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Office Hours - Examination Session, Summer Semester 2016-2017

Barbora Benešová, Ph.D.

Friday 30th June, 16.00–17.00
and by appointment

Mgr. Danuše Hurtová
Friday 16th June, 12.00–13.00
Monday 19th June, 8.30–9.30
Friday 23rd June, 9.30–10.30
and by appointment

Mgr. Gabriela Klečková, Ph.D.

Thursday, June 22 - 11:45-12:45

Friday, June 30 12:00-1:00

And by appointment 

PhDr. Jarmila Petrlíková, Ph.D.
Friday 16th June, 7.30–8.30
Monday, 19th June, 7.30–8.30

PhDr. Magdaléna Potočňáková, Ph.D.
June: Tuesdays, 10.00–11.00 (previous appointment by e-mail recommended)
Note: no office hours Tuesday 6th June

Doc. Justin Quinn, Ph.D.
Monday, 12.30–13.00

PhDr. Naděžda Stašková, Ph.D. 
by appointment

Mgr. Andrew Tollet, M.Litt.
Friday 23rd June, 10.00–10.45
and by appointment

Brad Vice, Ph.D.
Monday, 13.00–13.45
Tuesday, 10.15–11.00